Community Involvement at Shipley Do-Nuts

Shipley Do-Nuts believes in being involved in the community. We are glad to consider your application for donations of our products for worthy community projects.

It has been our desire over the years to be involved as much as possible in supporting organizations and their functions, which benefit our hometowns. As a matter of fact, Shipley Do-Nuts and its franchise network have been supporting community programs across Texas since 1936.

Over the years Shipley Do-Nuts has supported countless events and it is our desire to continue. As a member of the local restaurant community, we are asked on a daily basis to contribute our support in various ways. Because of the frequency of these requests, we have developed some guidelines to help you understand to what extent we can support your specific request.

In determining the direction our support takes, we asked ourselves one very important question; “Who do we believe is the most important beneficiary of this event?” This is a difficult question since there are many worthwhile causes to which we could attach our support. However, one group keeps coming back to us as being very important, the children of our employees and our customers! With this in mind, we have always held a special place in our heart for supporting events and organizations directed at benefiting children.

The opportunity for other organizations and events to receive our support is available but may be limited based on our budget. Nonetheless, that is why it is very important you still should complete the attached form. Your request will be evaluated on its merit to the goals of our company as well as its place in our budget.

We request that in addition to completing the Shipley Do-Nuts Donation Request Form you should also attach a letter describing the event or any information related to your organization. Your letter of request should appear on your event or organization letterhead. Because of the volume of requests received, we ask that the request be made to our office or store manager 14 days prior to the event. Please click on the application below, fill it out completely and you may hand deliver, fax or mail the request at your convenience to any of our retail locations.


Good Luck and may your efforts grant you the best rewards!

Our Address:

Adkins Development Corporation
PO Box 95
Hurst, Texas 76053
Phone: (817) 280-0050
Fax: (800) 850-0503

 Shipley Do-Nuts Donation Request Form (PDF, 62K)


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