A Day in the Life of a Shipley Do-Nut Shop

The very idea of beginning a work day at 2:30 am has kept many a worker at home in bed. The early morning hours for workers can be the most difficult or the most rewarding. Some enjoy the quiet ride to work before the sun comes up and the traffic gets crazy. Some like the idea of getting off early to be home when the kids get home from school. Some like the idea of running errands during the day when everyone else is working. Whatever the reason, the passion required to start the day this early is just what is takes to be a Shipley Do-Nut employee. The best doughnut needs the best employees.

We like to think that the best time to make a doughnut is very early in the morn-ing, that way we can catch the donut holes and put them into our famous Shipley Do-Nuts. What, you didn’t know doughnuts holes are caught not made? Of course, the doughnut holes are very tricky and very fast. It takes special training to be able to cap-ture the holes since they only come out early in the morning. Fortunately for us they only play in our kitchens, so we don’t have to chase them all over the countryside.

The first employees arrive at 2:30 each morning; they begin the process of turning on all our equipment and start the dough production for the first batch of the delicious Shipley doughnuts. The fryer is turned on and the temperature is set at 375 degrees. The oven is turned on and the temperature is set for 325 degrees.

The process of preparing to make a doughnut is like many production processes, it entails many of the steps that must be done in the proper sequence or things just won’t work out the way they should. We have many types of machines in our kitchens which give us the flexibility to create many items found on our menu.

In the kitchen we have vertical mixers, dough sheeters, bench tables, proof boxes and many tables designed to help us work. Some of the equipment is general purpose and can be found in many different types of kitchens. But, some are unique to the Shipley process and cannot be found any where else. The Glazer is certainly one of the most interesting and unusual pieces of equipment. The Glazer lets us cover each of our famous Glazed Doughnuts with a blanket of sugarglaze that sticks to each doughnut like dew on a flower. It is our most popular doughnut.

The most interesting food we make is probably the kolache. This Czechoslovakian pastry has been completely Americanized for the eat and go lifestyle we have. The variety of styles we have is growing each year. At this time we sell 11 varieties, but the most popular is the Sausage and Cheese kolache. This item is baked in our oven each day and is made throughout the day since it is so popular. The typical baking time for the kolache is about 10 minutes. As time goes on, we will continue to experiment with the next type of kolache to best serve our customers.

As the morning progresses, more employees continue to arrive to assist in the production process. The other employees continue the process to finish the doughnuts and pastries so that they can be put on the display. When the process is finished, we have created over 41 different flavors of doughnuts. This includes the fruit and cream filled doughnuts as well. We make six different fruit filled and four cream filled. The Bava-rian filling is the most popular filled doughnut.

In addition to baking the kolaches, we also bake a special cinnamon roll. This item is called the Old Fashioned Cinnamon Roll. It come with nuts and cinnamon and then is finished with either sour cream or vanilla icing. It is similar to the Iced Nut Roll except it is baked instead of fried.

As customers begin to enter the store, we are now selling more than just dough-nuts, pastries and kolaches. We are selling beverages as well. The most popular hot be-verage is coffee. Our coffee is fresh in each cup and very hot. We also offer flavored coffees as well as cappuccinos and hot chocolate. In addition, we sell soft drinks and bottled milk. The most popular cold beverage is Oak Farms Chocolate milk. The most popular soft drink is Dr Pepper. And the most popular juice is orange juice. The 16 ounce pint bottle of chocolate milk is the fastest selling size.

The morning whirls by in a blur of people and doughnuts, people and coffee, people and kolaches and finally the morning is gone. We are left to clean and prepare for the next day. We are left happy for the end of the day and happy for the smiles we have given to our faithful customers.

As we prepare to end the day, our stores occasionally have products remaining which are unsold. This gives us the opportunity to help some organizations in the com-munity who support people not able to visit our stores as customers. Nonetheless, they will enjoy our product as we will donate the remaining doughnuts and pastries to Caritas food pantry.

Since 1936, Shipley Do-Nuts has been part of communities all across Texas. It is this connection with our communities, our employees, our customers and our families that has made the Shipley brand a true Texas tradition.


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