Shipley Do-Nut offers over 41 different varieties of donuts, 16 different varieties of pastries and several types of meat based items that are all produced from the same simple to use donut mix.

This distinguishing feature is rare in the field of competitors today. While some in our industry have sacrificed traditional methods for a more aggressive automated production, we have a more balanced approach.

This allows the higher volume capability while not losing the opportunity to retain the traditional customer who expects the quality and variety.

Since 1936, Shipley has been finding new ways to “Make Life Delicious.”  From our traditional glazed do-nuts to the new cream cheese roll, Shipley Do-Nuts has your tastes in mind as we create new deliciousness! Let’s take a look at the different “styles” of do-nuts:

The Yeast Do-Nut

The traditional glazed do-nut is a yeast do-nut but today you can order a variety of yeast do-nuts from sprinkled to iced with a variety of flavors then topped with nuts, coconut and sugar or cinnamon.

The Filled Do-Nut

Filled do-nuts are a perennial favorite with warm apple, Bavarian, cherry fillings within a yeast do-nut and then covered with glaze. Served fresh and you have an awesome dollop of yummy!

The Cake Do-Nut

The Cake Do-Nut comes in many varieties similar to glazed do-nuts. You can get them plain, with flavored icing, glazed, sprinkled, with nut or with coconut. Either way, the traditional cake do-nut has come a long way.


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